Loop Drop

Live Electronic Music Performance Software

Loop Drop is a looper, modular synth and sampler designed for improvisation and live performance.

Create sounds and load samples.
Drop them where you want on your controllers then start jamming!

Everything you play is recorded.
Hit the loop button at any time. Whatever you just played will start to loop!

Play to the beat.
Use beat repeat and hold down buttons to trigger at different rates relative to tempo.

Transform your loops while they play.
Select, move, repeat, suppress. All using your hardware controller.

Using with Novation Launchpad

Add as many Launchpad controllers as your need.
Loop Drop supports the MK1, Mini, MK2 and Pro editions!

📺 Check out the Loop Drop YouTube channel!
or Matt's personal YouTube channel (full of Loop Drop gigs)

Using with Qwerty Keys

To get the most out of Loop Drop, you should use it with a hardware controller, but you can try it out using your computer's qwerty keyboard.

Video: Using Loop Drop with a Qwerty Keyboard

More controllers supported soon...

Loading Audio Samples

Create Triggers Chunk and drag to controller

Trigger chunks are blocks of related sounds e.g. drumkit, sliced sample, vocals, etc. They must be added to a controller before they do anything.

Select shape and drag in audio samples

Tip: You can also manually add the slot, add a sample source, then click 'Choose File' to browse.



Create Chromatic Chunk and drag to controller

Chromatic chunks are like trigger chunks, except that they only have one editable trigger ('template').
This is repeated for all triggers in the block, except that the pitch increases chromatically. You can create pitched instruments using samples or synthesis.

Add Oscillators and tweak

Clicking ENV adds an ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) envelope to the chosen param.

Choose Output Effects

Tip: Effects like 'reverb' should be added to the 'Output' slot instead of the triggers to avoid unnecessary CPU usage.


All of the code behind Loop Drop is open source and written in JavaScript.
This makes it possible (and easy!) to modify any aspect of the app to suit your own needs, but most importantly allows you to contribute to the ongoing development.

You can also support the project financially on Patreon!